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calgary lake community real estateThinking of relocating to Calgary? Whether you’re coming from another province or country, Calgary has plenty of communities to offer, so why not opt for a lake community.

In 2006, I purchased a home because it was both affordable and in the area where my daughter would be attending school. However, I didn’t realize the real estate potential and home value that comes with living in a lake community in Calgary. After several months of living in the area, I thought I should check out the lake. Here are 8 reasons why I fell in love with our lake community!

    1. I discovered that not only did I have lake access, but I could also invite my friends. This opened a door to beachfront birthday parties and lazy summer afternoons!
    2. Most of the lakes are not
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calgary luxury infillsAs communities like Calgary grow and develop, housing will in turn do the same. Infill homes are newer homes that live in more established neighborhoods; sometimes these homes are created to replace older homes, or they’re situated on large lots that have been subdivided.

Infill housing is an opportunity to take underdeveloped land and repurpose it to match the city’s housing needs. Adding residential housing on vacant lots can significantly increase a neighborhoods curb appeal, much like finding the missing puzzle piece. However, there are a few misconceptions about luxury infill homes in Calgary.

MYTH: Calgary infill homes are small.
FACT: The size of an infill home will depend on the size of the lot it’s been allocated to and the builder making

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